Exercise Physiology/Human Performance Laboratory

The Exercise Physiology/Human Performance Laboratory is located in the InfoCision Stadium Room 407, and has equipment to measure metabolic responses during exercise such as resting metabolic rate, pulmonary function, ECG, EMG, muscular strength and endurance, power output, body composition, and flexibility. The equipment includes:

  • ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 Metabolic Measurement System one with Spirometry/MVV Option  (2)
  • MedGraphics V02000 portable metabolic cart
  • HydroWorx® 1200 Aquatic Treadmill
  • GE Lunar® Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) system
  • Accupower force platform
  • iWorx® 214 EMG Data Recorder
  • Quinton® treadmill (2)
  • Quinton® Q Stress 12 Lead EKG System with Metron EKG Simulator (2)
  • BodyMetrix® Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis
  • Bike ergometer - Lode Corival and Excalibur Sport
  • MicroFit® system
  • Weight training and flexibility equipment
  • Monark 828 E Cycle Erogometers (7)
  • Polar Heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitoring equipment
  • Lactate Pro Analyzers (3)
  • OneTouch® Glucometers (3)
  • BodPod

Dr. Ron Otterstetter demonstrates the BodPod