Accelerated 5-Year BS/MS in Statistics

What You'll Learn

  • Correlation analysis and simple/multiple linear regression. 
  • Model building and checking estimation
  • Experimental design including random/fixed effects, nested designs, fractional factorials, Latin squares, analysis of covariance, etc. 
  • Data organization and structures, design of statistical data bases, statistical software analysis, importing/exporting data between software, and missing data analysis
  • Combinatorial probability theory, discrete and continuous probability distributions, bivariate/multivariate probability distributions, hypothesis testing, interval estimation, etc. 

What You Can Do

Job What They Do
Biostatistician Research, analyze, and study the decisive factors that affect the health and well-being of people, animals, and plants to gather more information about diseases, disorders, and various health conditions. 
Operations Research Analyst Find and solve problems in areas such as logistics, business, healthcare, etc. Obtain information from avenues such as customer surveys/feedback, sales histories, and databases to analyze and fin solutions to problems companies face. 
Sports Analytics Forecast outcomes to gain a competitive advantage for sporting organizations. Use historical data and various information systems to help sporting teams strategize better and improve.
Environmental Statistician Gather data to understand factors affecting the environment. Collaborate with the government sector, industrial corporations, nonprofit organizations, etc. to make long-lasting and impactful changes. 

Required Courses

General Advising Tips

  • The Accelerated BS/MS in Statistics is part of the Accelerated Degree Pathway Program at UA. 
  • There are 9 graduate course hours that can count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees, to be taken during the fourth year of study (senior year). 
  • Any overlapping courses taken in the fourth year of study will be charged at the undergraduate rate (giving you significant financial savings!)
  • Any of the 3 BS pathways (Statistics, Data Science, and Actuarial Science) are viable undergraduate degrees to pair with an MS. 
  • Application to the program should be completed early in the spring semester of the junior year (or second semester of the third year). 
  • To remain eligible, students must maintain a 3.30 cumulative GPA and remain in good academic standing. 
  • Contact Undergraduate Advisor Dr. Rich Einsporn or Graduate Advisor Dr. Sujay Datta with questions.