Graduate Admission

Consideration for admission to the graduate program in statistics will be given to students who have (or are nearing completion of) a baccalaureate degree in statistics, mathematics, or a related area. A student with a degree in another discipline may be required to take prerequisite courses in mathematics or statistics as specified below.

All applicants for admission to the graduate program in statistics must meet the university requirements for graduate admission as published in the Graduate Bulletin of The University of Akron. All foreign graduate students must demonstrate proficiency in English. In addition to meeting all University criteria for admission, the Department of Statistics requires three (3) current letters of recommendation, as well as completion of three semesters of Calculus, one semester of Linear Algebra and one semester of Applied Statistics (or equivalent) for all students, domestic and foreign. Applicants who have not taken the required prerequisite courses will be required to complete them prior to start of the program. The Department of Statistics does not require GRE or any other qualifying exam. Full admission is solely based upon the academic record and fulfillment of the required prerequisites with a minimum of GPA of 2.75 or 3.00 for the last two years (64 semester credits or equivalent). See Graduate Bulletin Section 2, General Information for further clarification.

Note:  Applications will not be reviewed for admission at the department level until all three letters of recommendation are received.

Graduate Program Highlights