Resources used by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Reading resources

We encourage interested members of the UA community to familiarize themselves with the resources below.  It may be useful, for instance, to skim the three strategic plans of other universities and consider:

  • how those institutions are different from and similar to UA;
  • what you like and dislike about the other strategic plans;
  • how the urban university role is relevant to UA; and
  • what is the relevance to UA of the Atlantic Monthly article on the future of American metropolitan areas. 

None of the other strategic plans provided are intended as models for UA.  Rather, they simply indicate how a very small number of major universities (including two in Ohio) have chosen to position themselves in the past few years.


Item Description Date uploaded
Diagram showing Charting the Course (PDF file) Shows visually how the elements of Charting the Course interact. Feb. 10
UA Focused Differentiation Proposal (PDF document) This proposal describes how UA could drive competitiveness in the NEO region. Feb. 10
About the Stillwater Group and AKA (PDF file) This document describes the consultants who will guide UA's strategic planning process. Feb. 18
Stillwater Group and AKA discussion document This document summarizes the roles of the consultants and the strategic planning process. Feb. 18
State of Ohio Strategic Plan for Higher Education, 2008-2017 Chancellor Eric Fingerhut's strategic plan for higher education sets accountability standards for Ohio's public universities in four areas: access, quality, affordability and efficiency, and economic leadership. March 30

See also:


Item Description Date uploaded
Charting the Course: How Far Have We Come? (PDF file) Shows the progress UA has made since 1999, when Charting the Course was created and implemented. Feb. 10
Aligning UA's Strategy with the State Measurements (PPT file) Created to show the Board of Trustees the areas in which UA is best suited to help the University System of Ohio achieve its accountability measures. Feb. 10