Frequently asked questions
about student employment

How many credits does a student need to have in order to work?

  • 12 credit hours for undergraduate students
  • 9 credit hours for graduate students
  • 6 credits for students with Federal Work Study

Exceptions to the rule include: Graduating this current semester, Co-Op, Internship, Dissertation, Thesis with a note from academic adviser. Graduating international students need to provide a copy of Reduced Course Load (or RCL) form approved by OIP.

If students drop a class, can they still work?

Students can work only if they are still at the 12-credit or 9-credit requirement. Otherwise, they will be terminated. After Monday of the 11th week in the semester students will be allowed to drop below the 12 credit /9 credit limit and be able to work on campus.

When can my students start working?

As soon as you get an approved copy of the Student Employment Form returned to you.

What is the minimum and maximum wage students are allowed to get paid?

Minimum wage is $8.30/hr and maximum is $16/hr.

If a supervisor wishes to pay a student a rate of more than $16/hr, he/she must use another form of payment (e.g. part-time staff) to accommodate this action. The student employment office has final approval on all wage rates and increases.

How many hours a week can a student work?

Students cannot work more than 29 hours a week. If a student works more than 29 hours/week, that may result in termination of employment.

Per USCIS international students can work up to 20 hours a week during Fall and Spring semesters, up to 29 during Summer.

Where can I find the I-9 /W-4 Forms?

All forms can be found here.

Can students work more than one job on campus?

Yes, students can work more than one job on campus as long as they keep their total work hours on campus under 29 hours. Working more than 29 hours will result in termination of employment.

Per USCIS international students can work up to 20 hours a week during Fall and Spring semesters, up to 29 during Summer.

Where can I find my account code or distribution code for my department?

You can contact the Payroll Office (ext. 7205) to find out your account code. Distribution codes can be accessed from the Controllers Office, or call Student Employment at ext. 7405.

Why wasn't my student paid?

If you submitted student employment paperwork before the deadline, it has been processed and your student should pick up the paycheck at the payroll office that's located in the Administrative Services Building at 185 Mill St., located behind the Schwebel's Bread factory.

What is the process for a department to terminate a student employee?

Submit Change / Termination form with the effective date to the Office of Student Employment. 

Who must complete the I-9 form?

An I-9 form must be completed by all students unless the student has been employed at the University of Akron within the last year. If the student has had another job on campus, we will have I-9 on file.

What is Work Study?

Federal Work Study is a financial aid program for students with financial need. Its purpose is to fund new job opportunities for students with need. Students earn the Work Study funds by performing part-time work for employers who qualify for the program under federal or state guidelines. These employers pay only a percentage of the student's wages, while the federal or state government pays the remaining amount. Most University departments, offices, and programs are qualified to be Work Study employers and receive wage reimbursements from the government. For more information on Work Study, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 330-972-7201.

How many hours can a student on Federal Work Study work?

Please see our Federal Work Study Calculations Worksheet.

Please note: the award amount can be reduced due to scholarship or other awards. A notice will be mailed to you and your student when they have less than $499 left to earn. It is your responsibility to ensure that your student does not earn more than their Federal Work Study award. If you want to keep the student, check to see if it is possible to transfer them to the departmental budget.

Can a student have more than one Work Study job?

Yes, as long as combined, the student does not exceed their Work Study award work and does not work more than 29 hours per week.

What happens if the student is no longer eligible for Work Study, but they continue to work for our department?

The student will be placed on payroll as a non-Work Study temporary employee and the hiring department will be responsible for 100 percent of all wages.

What if the Work Study student begins working before all hiring materials are received and approved by Student Employment office?

The hiring department is responsible for 100 percent of all wages until the hiring materials have been submitted to Student Employment office.