On-campus jobs for students

All student employment (on-campus and Federal Work Study) positions are posted through The University of Akron’s online job board, Handshake. In addition to student employment opportunities, Handshake is also the central location for internships, co-ops, part-time and full-time positions posted by employers outside of the university who are seeking UA students. To view and access the positions available to you, please click the link below from your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser.

For Off-Campus opportunities, visit Career Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions about on-campus employment

How do I find an on-campus job?

Check the on-campus jobs list linked above and login to Handshake to apply. Please review all job descriptions as some jobs require a specific major, year in school, or GPA. On-Campus Student Employment Job Fairs are held several times through the year. Make sure to check the Handshake events page for upcoming events.

What other stuff do I need to start working?

Once you have received an on-campus job offer, please review the New Employee Instructions for a list of the documents you will need to complete.

Please note the I-9 Form requires specific types of identification documents to be shown and these appointments will need to be done in-person. These acceptable forms of ID must be originals, so photos or copies of the documents will not be accepted.

How do I know if I am a Federal Work Study (FWS) student?

Students can check to see if they have received a FWS award through their My Akron portal and reference their financial aid package. If you receive a FWS award, your Handshake profile will update with this information. From there, you can see what FWS jobs you qualify for.

Federal Work Study Program (FWS): A federally funded campus-based aid program designed to provide part-time jobs for eligible students. FWS jobs are primarily on-campus.

  • Eligibility is shown on student’s Financial Aid Award Notification on My Akron.
  • Students who are awarded FWS will need to acquire a FWS job on campus to earn FWS funds. Earnings are paid through bi-weekly paychecks and are not directly applied to a student’s bill (tuition, fees, etc.).
  • A benefit of earning income through a FWS job is that those earnings do not count against you when you complete the next year’s FAFSA.

For any questions regarding the FWS award process, please connect directly with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

How can I benefit from working on-campus?

On-Campus student employment helps students gain skills, makes valuable connections, and builds their resume as a type of experiential learning. Positions offer flexible hours with the understanding that students need to prioritize their education.

How many credit hours should I enroll for each semester in order to work on-campus?

Generally, students need to be enrolled half-time to be eligible to work on campus. Please review specific eligibility requirements. Student Employment Eligibility standards.

Students who are graduating in the current semester, students who are registered in a Co-Op course, and students who are student teaching do not need to meet the credit hour requirements. Exceptions need authorization from Career Services Student Employment. Additional information regarding the exceptions can be found on the standards document listed above.

If I drop a class can I still work?

If you drop a class, you can continue to work ONLY if you continue to meet the Student Employment Eligibility standards. Students who do not meet these standards will have their employment terminated.

How many hours a week can I work?

You can work up to 29 hours per week. Working more than 29 hours per week may result in termination of employment.

Per United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), international students can work up to 20 hours a week during Fall and Spring semesters, up to 29 during Winter Break, Spring Break, and Summer.

Can I work more than one job on campus?

Yes, you can work more than one job on campus if you keep your total work hours on campus under 29 hours a week. Working over 29 hours may result in termination of employment.

Per United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), international students can work up to 20 hours a week during Fall and Spring semesters, up to 29 during Summer.

What about paychecks?

Students are paid every other Friday based on the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule. Be sure to confirm dates you have worked within this schedule and determine your first pay date. There may be a delay in pay resulting from when hire forms and payroll forms have been processed.

We encourage student employees to sign up for direct deposit. Please note, your first paycheck even with direct deposit, will need to be picked up in person.

Contact Payroll for any questions regarding your paycheck.

What if I do not want to work on campus right away?

That is okay! On-campus jobs are posted throughout the year. However, the largest number and variety of on-campus jobs are available right before and during the first few weeks of each semester.

Can first-year students work on campus during their first year?

Yes! First-year students are encouraged to explore on-campus student employment during their first year. Please connect with Career Services & Student Employment if you need any assistance with the job search or application process.

How long is the commitment to work in a student employment job?

Each job description and job posting should outline the period of the position. If the posting does not specify this detail, we would recommend reaching out to the department directly.

Most student employment jobs are 1 semester or 1 academic year in length, with many of the positions having the possibility to continue. Continuation in a student employment position is neither guaranteed nor required and sometimes may not be available.

Furthermore, student employment jobs are not permanent positions and there is no expectation of continued employment after a student has finished their academic career at UA.

How do I clock my work hours?

Student employees record their work hours through the EmpCenter time management system. Students can access EmpCenter through their My Akron portal and the UA Mobile app. Please note that you will not receive your paycheck unless your supervisor has approved your work hours through EmpCenter.

What is the typical pay rate for on-campus student employees?

Pay rates begin at state minimum ($8.80 an hour) and typically range from $8.80-$10.00/hour. Pay rates may be higher based on student experience level, department need and overall job duties.

How can a current or former student employee request employment verification?

Employment verification for current and former student employees is managed by the Payroll Office. Please connect with the Payroll Office directly with any questions.

Can student employees work remotely?

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the expectation is for student employees to work on-campus. There may be some special circumstances that allow for remote work. Student employees are not permitted to perform remote work outside the state of Ohio, unless prior authorization from the Payroll Office has been given.

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