Akron Beginnings Stacked

Akron Beginnings

Akron Beginnings, a first year programming series, helps to acclimate new students through the start of their Akron Experience with targeted programs and connections to campus resources.   

Akron Beginnings is a comprehensive first year program series that utilizes events, programs and resources provided by units across campus and supports targeting first year participation. In addition, the programming series will include new programming initiatives to support the beginnings of a student’s Akron Experience. Targeting all aspects to a student’s experience, the programs/initiatives identified a part of the series will be focused on the student’s overall wellness and student success.

Akron Beginnings will work strategically with the MAX (My Akron Experience) Network to provide peer support and networking opportunities with upperclassmen students. Furthermore, the program series will work closely with the Akron Experience: University 101 class and Learning Communities. Akron Beginnings will collaborate with campus partners regarding programs/events identified to be marketed within the program series. The series will consist of programs each month that are defined by a specific track (tracks), a newsletter giving the student a bigger picture of campus happenings and email communications from their MAX Network First Year Mentor about events on campus. The series is aiming to increase retention and ease the transition to college by addressing common roadblocks during the first-year and encouraging student engagement.

These topics include but are not limited to: New Student Convocation, New Roo Weekend, Week of Welcome, student organization involvement fair, service opportunities, student employment, class registration, major exploration, financial aid / FASFA, career events, Akron traditions, Athletics, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Academic / Career - Focused on the student connecting to academic and career related resources and programs
  2. Personal - Focused on student’s well-being, self-care and initiating opportunities for personal growth
  3. Social - Focused on encouraging students to find their place on campus through cultivating relationships and promoting student involvement
  4. Traditions - Focused on students participating in UA traditions and making downtown connections
  5. Transitional Support - Focused on students acclimating to campus life and supporting students during transitional challenges