Connections, Friendships,
& Networking Opportunities

Connections, Friendships and Networking Opp

Collaboration in Programming,
Community Wide Events, & Shared Values

Collaboration in Programming...

New Opportunities & Leadership Roles
in a Supportive Environment

New Opps and Leadership Roles...

Lifelong Friendships & Connections
that Extend Well Past Graduation

Life Long


Since the founding of the first fraternity at The University of Akron in 1873, community has been an important part of membership in a fraternity or sorority at UA. When one joins a chapter, they develop close bonds of friendship and family often called brotherhood or sisterhood.  These bonds are further strengthened through the learning and sharing of chapter rituals, the diverse membership within the chapter, and all the time spent together. By joining the UA Fraternity and Sorority Community, students gain a larger support system that ranges from current students, faculty and staff, and to our alumni.

Our fraternity and sorority community is made up of three governing councils (Panhellenic, National Pan-Hellenic, and Interfraternity Councils).Through collaboration in programming, community-wide events, and shared values our 18 chapters and 2 colonies form a larger community providing students with connections, friendships, and networking opportunities that extend beyond their chapter.The fraternity and sorority community creates a home on campus for our members, allowing them to experience challenges and success, explore new opportunities, and take on leadership roles in a supportive environment. Fraternity and sorority members enjoy lifelong friendships and connections that extend well past graduation.

Fact: Our community is continuing to grow both in membership and in the number of chapters. Through this continuous growth the network of fraternity and sorority alumni expands, connecting you to more people both on and off campus.