Sorority life has a rich history on our campus and is one of our most enduring traditions. Each chapter is unique. Chapters maintain grade point averages above the average UA women’s; in recognition of this commitment to academics, the Panhellenic sorority community was honored with a national award for Academic Achievement and Philanthropy/Community Service by the Association of Fraternal Leadership Values organization. Our Panhellenic Council strives to uphold these common values through programming, cooperation, and sisterhood.

There are four common values among our organizations; scholarship, leadership, civic responsibility, and sisterhood.

  • Scholarship: The Panhellenic Community consistently maintains over a 3.0 community GPA, which is higher than the all undergraduate women’s average GPA. Every chapter has academic help available in the way of study halls, academic advising, mentoring from older members and more to help make this possible. Click here to see chapter grade reports.

  • Leadership: Members of these chapters not only enrich their college experience in all facets, but are a part of a unique lifelong organization comprising of thousands of women across the United States.
  • Civic Responsibility: Each chapter has their own philanthropy and community service organization members work to support.

  • Sisterhood: Sorority Life offers friendships that last long past receiving a diploma. Sorority membership provides an 
    unlimited network of colleagues, professional associates, community members, support and, above all, sisters who are there for one another. There are also opportunities to be involved in intramural sports, Songfest, Greek Week, philanthropic events, and many other social events to get to know other students at UA.



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