College of Applied Science and Technology
  • Is there any charge for tutoring?
    No. Tutoring assistance is available free of charge to all University of Akron students.
  • Do I need an appointment to get tutoring help?
    Yes. Call(330) 972 - 7046 for an appointment. It is to your advantage and convenience to schedule an appointment in advance. There are only a limited number of drop -in appointments available each day on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Do you offer individual tutoring?
    Yes. All of our appointments are one -on-one sessions with a peer or faculty tutor. Groups of two or three students may make special arrangements for group tutoring sessions when scheduling advance appointments.
  • How long does a tutoring sessions last?
    Each tutoring session lasts 25- 30 minutes.
  • How many tutoring sessions may I have in a day or week?
    Each student may have no more than one tutoring session per subject in one day and no more than two tutoring sessions per week per subject.
  • What happens if I can't make my appointment?
    Be sure to call (330) 972 - 7046 to cancel the appointment as far in advance as possible and to reschedule. If you fail to show without cancellation for two scheduled appointments in the same semester, you will not be able to schedule any appointments in advance.
  • What should I do when I arrive for a tutoring session?
    Be sure to check-in at the main desk outside of the tutoring labs, and sign -in on the computer. Have a seat in the waiting area, where the tutors will pick you up when they are ready to begin your session. Be sure to sign out after your tutoring session is over.
  • When should I start getting tutoring help?
    Right away. Students who begin receiving tutoring help at the beginning of a semester typically do much better than those students who wait to get help.
  • Do you have tutors for all subjects?
    No. Summit College T utorial Services offers tutoring in most math courses (especially Basic Math I, Basic Math II, and math courses offered within Summit College), Basic Writing, and College Reading and Study Skills. Tutoring services are also available in Bierce Library Tutorial Services, which offers tutoring in many additional courses.
  • What do I need to do before I meet with a tutor?
    First, be sure to schedule an appointment. Then:
    • Go to class, listen attentively, take notes, and ask questions of your instructor to clarif ymisunderstandings.
    • Attempt to do your class assignments BEFORE coming to your tutoring session.
    • Identify specific areas where help is needed with specific questions to ask a tutor BEFORE coming to your tutoring session.
    • Come prepared with all necessary m aterials: class notes, textbook, syllabus and handouts, paper, pencil/pen, etc.
    • Be ready to actively participate in the tutoring session.
  • Will the tutor read my textbook, give me notes I missed, do my homework, or proofread my papers?
    NO! One of the main goals of Summit College Tutorial Services is to assist students to become competent and independent learners. While tutors will not read your textbook, give you notes you missed, do your homework, or proofread your papers, they will review papers and homework with you, demonstrate tips and techniques for you, and coach you through practice sessions designed to develop your skills so you can successfully work on your own.
  • Will I see the same tutor every tutoring session?
    It is unlikely. All of our tutors are part-time, and most work varying schedules. Since many of our tutors are also students, they have their own classes and commitments that prevent exclusive tutoring arrangements. Students seeking tutoring help will be matched according to available tu tors and the subject for which tutoring help is being sought.
  • Who are the tutors?
    All of the learning labs have faculty tutors who have at least a Master’s degree in their subject area. There are also peer tutors in the Math and Writing Labs who have met high standards and have excellent qualifications and achievements in their subject area.
  • May I just sit in the lab and do my homework?
    No. Due to space limitations and the need to keep a quiet learning atmosphere at all times in the labs, only students with appointments and who are working with a tutor are permitted in the lab. Students who would like to work together on math, writing, or reading assignments should utilize Bierce Library, the Polsky lobby, or other areas provided for group or collaborativ e study.
  • Are there computers available in the labs?
    Yes. Computers in the learning labs are available for students to use for Basic Math I, Basic Math II, Basic Writing, and College Reading and Study Skills assignments ONLY. Computers in the learning lab s are not available for personal use, such as Facebook, surfing the Internet, YouTube, playing games, listening to music, etc. Students must provide their Zip Card upon check-in in order to use a computer in the learning labs.
  • Is it okay to use my cell phone or other mobile devices in the learning labs?
    No. Cell phones and other mobile devices must be silenced while you are in the learning labs. If you must make or take a call, please exit the learning labs to do so. Using mobile devices to listen to music in the labs is also not permitted.
  • May I bring food or drink into the labs?
    No. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in all of the learning labs to prevent damage to technology, carpet, and other furnishings.

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