Fall 2020 Testing Information

UA Main Campus Testing Centers (Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation, the Counseling & Testing Center, and the Office of Accessibility) are collaborating with the Classroom Scheduling Committee and Design & Development Services to prepare for the fall semester. Please be aware of the following testing information to manage social distancing guidelines:

  • CBAE and CTC will only be staffed for individually scheduled exams, prioritizing students requiring accommodations and other urgent testing needs. Distancing guidelines constrain our ability to proctor entire courses this semester. Faculty are encouraged to contact staff at testing@uakron.edu (CBAE) and cctesting@uakron.edu (CTC) for consultation.
    • Students may request scheduling through CBAE here or CTC here. Staff may approve, modify, or deny scheduling requests based on need for proctoring, and availability of resources.
    • The Office of Accessibility has moved to limit in-person accommodated testing during the Fall 2020 semester. Accommodated in-person testing in the Office of Accessibility and the Counseling & Testing Center will be rare, and will require pre-approval from the student's assigned disability specialist. Students should continue to submit requests for testing in OA and CTC through STARS after receiving approval, and through CBAE here.
  • Scantron exam scanning is available at CBAE but will have at least a 72-hour processing delay after drop-off to maintain the safety of those processing them. Faculty should schedule an appointment for drop-off here. Score reports will be electronically available.
  • Faculty are encouraged to use Respondus Monitor for administering online exams. Students in need of technology (laptop, webcam, etc.) in order to complete their coursework are encouraged to complete a Help-A-Zip Referral Form at uakron.edu/referral. If students are unable to access Respondus Monitor due to use of Chromebooks, please encourage them to inform the course instructor. Design & Development Services can help them setup Proctorio for students using Chromebooks (ddshelp@uakron.edu).
  • To schedule full class on campus testing contact Katie Cerrone (kc24@uakron.edu) at least two weeks prior to the exam date. Note that this can only be utilized for hybrid or WWW with on campus testing course modalities.

Course Exam Information for Faculty

Proctoring for Computer Based Course Exams and Scantron Test Scoring: Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation (CBAE) offers services in the design, development, and deployment of computer based assessments and surveys, as well as a dedicated proctored testing lab in Schrank Hall North 152 with 82 stations for course exams. CBAE also provides scantron test scoring and reports. Faculty interested in having computer based course exams proctored in CBAE or utilizing our scantron test scoring services can learn more by visiting this site, sending an email to testing@uakron.edu, or calling 330-972-6511.

Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation
Schrank Hall North 153
Phone: 330-972-6511
Computer Based Testing and Evaluation

Testing Options for Online Courses: If you are teaching or planning to teach a course that is entirely online, please contact Design and Development Services (DDS). DDS offers support in developing your course, syllabus, online testing, and proctored or unproctored testing options.

Design and Development Services (DDS)
Leigh Hall 506
Phone: 330-972-6888

Accommodations for Course Testing: Students may have testing accommodations provided by the Office of Accessibility, such as extended time, distraction-reduced testing space, reader and/or writer, or use of assistive technology. If your student has testing accommodations, you should receive an email notification of the accommodations. Several testing options are available for proctoring with accommodations, including faculty providing testing accommodations, the Counseling and Testing Center in Simmons 304, the Office of Accessibility in Simmons 105, or for accommodated Brightspace exams by contacting Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation. Students requesting to test in the Counseling and Testing Center or the Office of Accessibility should submit a request for scheduling their testing accommodations, which you will receive via email. The email includes the student and course information, accommodations, and time and location at which they are requesting to test. Further information about testing accommodations is available here.

Any questions regarding accommodations should be directed to the Office of Accessibility:
Simmons Hall 105
Phone: 330-972-7928
TDD: 330-972-5764
Office of Accessibility

Proctoring Make-Up Exams for Individual Students: The Counseling and Testing Center (CTC) Testing Services is a National College Testing Association certified center offering make-up testing for individual students who were not able to test during the regular exam period. Faculty should provide a copy of the exam along with a completed proctor sheet (available here) to provide instructions for each exam. Students are required to schedule appointments for any testing services at CTC by calling 330-972-7084 or emailing cctesting@uakron.edu.

For further information about paper based make-up exams, please visit the make-up exam site. For online make-up exams, please visit the Brightspace Exam site.

Counseling and Testing Center for Testing Services
Simmons Hall 304
Phone: 330-972-7084
Fax: 330-972-5679
Counseling and Testing Center

Proctoring Options for Students at Satellite Campuses: Information for proctoring locations at the University of Akron satellite campuses can be accessed here. This includes all proctoring centers at UA.

Proctoring Options for Distance Testing: If a student is unable to test on UA main campus, options are available to test at other UA campus testing locations, proctoring locations at other universities, online proctoring services, or through non-proctored record-and-review with Respondus Monitor. Further information about remote or distance testing options can be accessed here.

Resources for Faculty: For faculty-focused workshops on improving teaching and student learning, please visit the Institution for Teaching and Learning