Remote or Distance Testing

If you are unable to take your exam on UA main campus, you may work with your instructor to assure your exam is available for proctoring at another test location, through online proctoring services, or unproctored online such as through use of Respondus Monitor in Brightspace. Check your syllabus to determine what your instructor requires. In all situations, the faculty member is the final authority that determines which options are enabled for your course. Some options available to faculty to include are:

  1. Proctoring at a UA Testing Center if set up by faculty:
    • Hours vary by semester and test center location. You should contact the test center selected by your faculty member.
    • You will need to present valid photo identification at any UA test center, and may need to schedule an appointment.

  2. Find an alternative approved testing center.
    • If your exam must be proctored and you cannot come to a UA testing center, you may be able to locate a test center near you through the Consortium of College Test Centers, a referral source for professional testing centers that proctor for other institutions. All sites adhere to the National College Testing Association standards and guidelines.
    • If you are enrolled in online only courses, live more than 50 miles from UA, and are unable to take your exam on campus, please contact the Office of Design and Development for proctoring options.
    • If you live within 50 miles of UA or you are also taking on-campus courses at UA, you are responsible for any fees associated with the testing service you select, as well as scheduling time and date, and communicating with faculty regarding your plans.

  3. Respondus Monitor is a companion application for Brightspace that uses webcam and video technology to identify students during the exam. Instructors may select to use Respondus Monitor as a record-and-review option, in place of proctored exams.
    • If your instructor has enabled Respondus Monitor, you will find an orientation and sample quiz in your course.
    • You will be responsible for ensuring that you are able to take your exam in a private location. Because the exam is video recorded, you must be in a quiet room by yourself.
    • You are responsible for ensuring that you know what materials you may be allowed to use during the exam, if any. This should be clearly stated in your course and/or syllabus. If you have any questions, contact your instructor.
    • You are responsible for ensuring your computer meets the technology requirements.

  4. Other proctoring solutions may be in place in specific courses. In some cases, your instructor may decide that these options are not sufficient and may specify alternative proctoring solutions. Online proctoring services, such as ProctorU, Kryterion, and Examity are some options available to instructors. The University of Akron does not endorse use of specific online proctoring services, but have provided these for instructor's convenience. If this is the case, you will find an orientation and further instructions in your course orientation module.