Currently enrolled students and Faculty / Staff can obtain a copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or Apple computers, or the Windows operating system (for home use), through an agreement between The University of Akron and Microsoft.

The University of Akron has two different programs which allow students to access Microsoft Office software. Each program contains specific criteria, so you should carefully consider each option, although you are not required to choose only one. Microsoft Windows is only available through the download page that can be accessed through MyAkron (On the technology tab).  

Microsoft Office

The chart below shows the criteria for each Microsoft Office program.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Formerly Office 365 Pro Plus)

Office Professional Plus (Through MyAkron)

Can be installed on up to 5 devices & mobile apps at the same time

License for one install (one device)

Student can use software for up to one year after leaving The University of Akron

Perpetual license (student owns the software indefinitely)

Faster installation (click to run)

Longer installation times

Automatic background updates

Traditional update management

Requires an active internet connection once-a-month for validation

Once installed, does not require internet access



Install: Microsoft 365 Portal
(Active UAnet ID required)

Install: MyAkron 


Microsoft Windows

Students are entitled to one copy of each Windows Operating System upgrade through the MyAkron page for $60.00. If you have any questions, please contact the Computer Store at .