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Recording Holiday Hours and Emergency Closing in EmpCenter

Emergency Closure  Job aid
Official University Holidays   Job aid 
Extra Paid Days Off (Christmas - New Year's)   Job aid 
Veteran's Day for Exempt (Salary) Employees  Job Aid
Request Additional 5 Days Off for Non-Bargaining employees Job Aid

EmpCenter for Mobile

EmpCenter Mobile for Employees   Job Aid 
EmpCenter Mobile for Managers   Job Aid

EmpCenter Training by Policy Group

(SBU) Employees
CWA Union
Full-time Contract Professional
Full-Time Faculty
Full-Time Exempt Staff
Full-Time Non-Exempt Staff

Graduate Assistant
Part-time Contract Professional
Part-Time Faculty
Part-Time Classified/Unclassified Exempt Staff
Part-Time Classified/Unclassified Non-Exempt Staff
Students - Hourly

EmpCenter Training by Role:


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