Manager and TimeKeeper - Training Materials

NOTE:  If employees are not correctly assigned to you, complete the Supervisor Change Form located on the Payroll Forms web page.

Online Course:


 Online Course 

Schedules for Supervisors of SBU Employees 

 Online Course

Time Entry/Time Sheets

Exceptions Dashboard - NEW  Job Aid
Delegation  Job Aid   Tutorial
Revoke a Delegation    Tutorial
Edit Employee Timesheets  Job Aid  Tutorial
Lunch Guidelines  Job Aid
Override Lunch Deduction  Job Aid  Tutorial
Recall a Time Sheet  Job Aid  Tutorial
Amend a Time Sheet  Job Aid
Forgot to Clock In/Out  Job Aid  Tutorial
Approve & Reject Timesheets  Job Aid  Tutorial 


Run the UnSubmitted TimeSheets Report  Job Aid   Tutorial 
Run the UnApproved TimeSheets Report  Job Aid  Tutorial


Assign a Permanent Schedule  Job Aid   Tutorial 
Edit an Assigned Schedule  Job Aid  Tutorial
Assign a Temporary Schedule  Job Aid  Tutorial

Time Off/Leave Requests

Approve/Deny Time Off Requests  Job Aid   Tutorial 
Cancel an Approved Time Off Request  Job Aid  Tutorial
View Time Off Bank Balances  Job Aid

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