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Part Time Classified/Unclassified Non-Exempt Staff - Training Materials

Online Course:

Hourly Employees

 Online Course

Time Entry/Time Sheets

Using the Web Clock  Job Aid   Tutorial 
Enter My Hours  Job Aid  Tutorial
Using the USB Card Reader   Job Aid
Using the Time Clock  Job Aid
Lunch Guidelines  Job Aid
Hourly Staff Pay Code List   Job Aid
Request Comp Time  Job Aid  Tutorial
Recall a Time Sheet  Job Aid  Tutorial
Amend a Time Sheet  Job Aid
Submit a Time Sheet  Job Aid  Tutorial
Print a Time Sheet  Job Aid

NOTE:  If you forget to clock in or out, you must have your Manager or Time Keeper correct the entry for you.  An employee is unable to correct a missing in/out slice on their own.

Time Off/Leave Requests

Request Time Off  Job Aid   Tutorial 
Request Time Off - Intermittent Leave   Job Aid  Tutorial
Cancel Time Off Request  Tutorial
Request FMLA/Long Term Leave  Job Aid  Tutorial
View Time Off Bank Balances   Job Aid

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