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WebEx Training Materials

Productivity Tools (Both Meeting and Training Center)

WebEx One-Click Manual   PDF 
WebEx One-Click Job Aid  PDF

Meeting Center

Join a Meeting   PDF   Tutorial 
Conduct a Meeting with VOIP   PDF  Tutorial
Schedule a Meeting for Another Host   PDF
Share Content  PDF

 Tutorial: Sharing Overview

 Tutorial: Share an Application

 Tutorial: Share a File or video

 Tutorial: Share my Desktop

 Tutorial: Share Web Content

 Tutorial: Share My Web Browser

Presenter Tools  PDF  Tutorial: Annotation Tools
Conduct Polls  PDF  Tutorial
Take Notes  PDF  Tutorial
Send and Receive Video  PDF   Tutorial
Use Chat  PDF  Tutorial
Transfer Files  PDF  Tutorial
Assign Attendee Privileges and Alerts  PDF

 Tutorial: Assign Attendee Privileges

 Tutorial: Configure Sound Alerts

Invite and Remind Attendees  Tutorial
Expel an Attendee or Restrict Access  PDF  Tutorial
Transfer the Host Role  Tutorial
Rejoin Your Meeting  Tutorial
End a Meeting  Tutorial

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Information Security Awareness

Hoonuit (formally Atomic Learning)

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General Course Information...

  • Pre-Requisites: Listed pre-requisites are recommended. Not completing a pre-requisite will not prevent you from taking a course.
  • Audio: All online courses contain audio. Consider headphones and check PC speaker level before playing.

  • Resuming a Tutorial: You can resume a tutorial later, from the same PC. The player will prompt you to resume from the last completed slide.

  • Certificate Issuance: On passing a quiz, you will have the opportunity to print a certificate. This is only for your personal records and not necessary to demonstrate successful completion of the seminar.

  • Quizzes and Security: For tutorials required to grant security access, you must score at least an 80% on the quiz to pass. You may use your notes, training manual, job aids, etc. You can repeat the quiz as many times as necessary.

  • Surveys for Security Access: We track your tutorial completion using a survey. To demonstrate tutorial completion for purposes of security access you must complete a survey. If a tutorial contains a quiz, first click the Finish button after printing the certificate of completion, then you will be taken to the survey.