Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need an appointment to visit Bierce Math Lab?

No. You are invited to drop in for help any time the lab is open.

2.  Who is allowed to use Bierce Math Lab?

Bierce Math Lab is open to any University of Akron student enrolled in an entry-level math course. These classes include Basic Math I and II, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Excursions in Mathematics, and Technical Math.

3.  How much time can I spend in Bierce Math Lab?

That is up to you, but we recommend you limit your time to an hour per day. That gives you time to practice the concepts you worked on with your tutor.

4.  Math is my WORST subject. I HATE it. How can you help me?

We know math can be challenging for many of us. However, for us to help you, it helps if you have an open mind. You can get this, and we can help you get there.