The Catherine Kay Davis Displaced Homemaker Endowed Scholarship

The Catherine Kay Davis Displaced Homemaker Endowed Scholarship was established by Ms. Catherine Kay Davis at The University of Akron in October 2017. The Scholarship will support undergraduate or non-traditional students who are displaced homemakers and have never attended college. 

Faced with several challenges as a displaced homemaker, Ms. Davis enrolled at The University of Akron at the age of 38. Her sincere desire to learn helped her overcome several mounting difficulties in providing for her family. Throughout her college career, she owned and worked at a small wallpapering business and guided three teenage children through their high school graduations, all while commuting to and from classes every day. Ms. Davis successfully navigated these challenges, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Organizational Communication from The University of Akron in 1999. She then earned a Master of Arts degree in Communications from UA in 2001. Ms. Davis says the Dr. Dudley Turner was a constant source of encouragement, actively helping her find scholarship funds to lower the financial burden of completing her Master's degree. 

Ms. Davis subsequently moved to Chicago where she earned a Master's degree in real estate finance, which further helped rehabilitate her professional career. She taught part-time at The University of Akron, as well as Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ, for a combined 12 years. During this period she began investing in real estate and financial markets. 

By creating this endowed scholarship, Ms. Davis wants to share displaced homemakers who are attending UA that she is a strong advocate for their efforts to succeed and advance their own lives. 

Candidate Requirements:

The Catherine Kay Davis Displaced Homemaker Endowed Scholarship provides assistance to an undergraduate student demonstrating outstanding personal characteristics, a strong financial need and passion to pursue education as a means for social, academic and financial reform for herself and her children.