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The Sales Accelerator

How To Be Both Successful and Significant in Sales

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The Sales Accelerator Online Course

Is What You’re doing not working as well as You Would Like?

Do you want a research-base, marketed tested, results oriented program that works to GROW SALES?

The Sales Accelerator Program is an action oriented approach to help you become more successful by growing sales and increase revenues. Many clients grow sales 15% and more when they implement what they learn.

This program includes 14 modules and each is designed to be between 5-15 minutes in length. Because we know time is a premium, these hard-hitting modules are designed to provide actions you can use immediately. We want to help you use your time most effectively.

Cost: $495

Instructor: Ron Finklestein

Start Date: Ongoing Course

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Module 1 – Course Introduction

Module 2- Goal Setting

Module 3 - Understanding the Buyer’s Style         

Module 4- General Selling Strategies by Behavioral Style

Module 5- Communicating Your Value - Six Questions a Your Prospects Wants to be Answered Before They Buy      

Module 6 - Problems with Communications 

Module 7 - Implementing Behaviors of Successful Sales Representatives

Module 8 – Creating a Referral Process

Module 9 - Quickly Build Trust

Module 10 - Selling the Way Others Want to Buy

Module 11 - Questions to Ask to Uncover and Define Pain

Module 12 - Common Closing strategies / Handling Objections

Module 13 - Creating a Powerful Sales Presentation

Module 14 - Time Management for Sales Professionals

The Sales Accelerator 

Sales is about building effective and productive relationships. This is important because people buy from people they know, like and trust. Being successful in sales is not an “art,” but a process that can be learned. If you are coachable, trainable and willing to take action on what you learn, The Sales Accelerator is right for you! 

Who should attend:

  • Experienced sales people who want a refresher course
  • New sales people who want to get results quickly 
  • Existing sales people who are not getting the results they want fast enough
  • Sales managers who want to implement a proven sales process in their organization
  • Business owners who are seeking a better understanding of sales

In this seminar you will learn:

  • How to identify and overcome objections
  • How to coach, counsel and mentor your clients into making a buying decision
  • How to establish your place in the customers’ budget
  • How to identify and create referral relationships 
  • The 6 reasons your prospects do not buy from you
  • The 7 expectations your customers have 
  • The single biggest sales issue you must address and why it is important
  • How to make your customer feel you are the right and safe choice
  • Why and how sales people miscommunicate 
  • Effective strategies to build “your likeability factor”
  • How to deal with difficult customers
  • And so much more...
Join us as we show you how The Sales Accelerator can benefit you!

Contact Workforce Training Solutions to learn more about receiving contract training with The Sales Accelerator.

Meet the Instructor:

Ron Finklestein called the “Real Deal” by his clients because of the results they achieve. Finklestein is the creator of the Business Growth Experience and owner of RPF GROUP INC. He is a Business Coach, International Author, Trainer, and Speaker. His eight business books include management and leadership, personal development, operations, marketing, and sales. His latest work, Make a Difference: From Success to Significance” was a 12-year study of 1000 successful small business owners and what they did to be successful. 

After a successful consulting career, Ron has spent the past 15 years building his business and helping entrepreneurs and business owners build their businesses.  Ron has experience in working with businesses across a wide range of industries (manufacturing, banking, government, healthcare, outsourced services, technology industries, and insurance) and helping companies grow the top line, allowing him to offer practical and proven ideas and strategies to improve most any business. As a Certified Knowledge Manager and business consultant, Finklestein has both business and technology experience spanning more than two decades.