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Behind the Diplomatic Curtain

Relying largely on a massive deposit of private papers which have never been open to researchers, Behind the Diplomatic Curtain forces a reexamination of some of the most popularly held views on the history of France and European diplomacy between the Congress of Vienna and the Unification of Italy.

Based on the intimate letters to and from Adolphe de Bourqueney, considered by man… >>Read more

The Bible in the Park

John Blakeman’s The Bible in the Park is an in-depth study of federal district court policymaking and litigation trends in First Amendment cases concerning religious speech and expression in public places. District courts play an important policymaking role in the federal judicial system, and Blakeman’s book contributes to our understanding of that role, especially in the con… >>Read more

Big Muddy River of Stars

Winner of the 2006 Akron Poetry Prize

In Big Muddy River of Stars, her second full-length collection of poems, Alison Pelegrin continues her celebration of the quirks and characters of south Louisiana, tempered now by the devastations of hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. These sassy poems come on like a carnival parade, with boisterous shout-outs to sleepy rivers and Big… >>Read more

The Biggest City in America

In a series of stories drawn from his own experience coming of age during the 1950s, Richard B. Schwartz revisits his boyhood in southern Ohio. His memories of adolescence bring back the birth of rock and roll, the rigors and absurdities of religion and parochial schools, trials of little league baseball, grueling summer construction work and caddying jobs, the thin pleasures of 3.2% beer, drag… >>Read more

Black Leaf

Out of our endgame of giddy chaos, Black Leaf sustains and deepens the themes and images first confronted in Seiler's 1994 book, The Waters of Forgetting. Whether attentive to the poet in Paris, or to Isaac Bashevis Singer in Hoboken, or to Sam Cooke on the radio, these poems carry the reader through the postwar premillenial world, sifting through layers of history, popular culture, lite… >>Read more

Blazes, Posts, & Stones

A culmination of decades of research on field notes, plats, correspondence, legislation, and observations of surveyors, cartographers, government officials, military commanders, Native Americans, early settlers, and land speculators, this volume is the first of its kind in nearly a century. Interweaving the history of Ohio and biographies of the individuals associated with surveying and mapping… >>Read more

Blues for Bill

Blues for Bill celebrates the life and work of poet William Matthews through his own language, that of poetry. While poems of William Matthews are well known and remembered, this collection of poems ensures that the world will remember Bill himself: his graciousness, intelligence, knowledge, style, good humor, capacity for friendship, immense talent, and wit. In this anthology, the edito… >>Read more


Has the world changed since September 11, 2001? It has for at least one band of subversive operatives who scheme in the shadows to ambush politicians. I'm speaking, of course, of the small yet poorly organized cells of individuals who take advantage of the freedoms this nation provides in order to carry out their roles as political cartoonists. I'm one of them and this is my story. I've operate… >>Read more

The Book of Accident

In her latest collection of poems, The Book of Accident, Beckian Fritz Goldberg invites the reader into a shadowy atmosphere where her language prowls among strange images; hummingbirds become a "fistful of violet amphetamines" and desire gnaws away like a "live rat sewed up inside us." Reading The Book of Accident is like entering a graphic novel with missing panels, a noir world… >>Read more

The Book of Endings

2017 National Book Award Finalist, Poetry

The poems in The Book of Endings try to make sense of, or at least come to some kind of reckoning with absence—the death of the autho… >>Read more

Brazen Creature

Brazen Creature spans a young woman’s awakening. The poems’ concerns are twofold: violence against women and girls that has become rooted in the land, and verdant female desire and self-assertion in the face of entrenched oppression. In the poems’ Midwestern towns and farmlands, patriarchy is a ghost that haunts the cottonwoods, soybean fields, and creek beds. Th… >>Read more

The Bride Minaret

Heather Derr-Smith’s second collection journeys to the rough core of desire, creating and destroying binaries along the way. Familiar artifacts of domesticity become as volatile as land mines, and the streets of Damascus, Calcutta, and other faraway locales obliterate the American landscape. Yet Derr-Smith’s poetry transcends time and place, illuminating the ties that bind man to wo… >>Read more

British India and British Scotland, 1780–1830

At the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, three Scotsmen, Thomas Munro, John Malcolm, and Mountstuart Elphinstone, rose in the service of the East India Company to become respected and influential officials. McLaren explores connections between their career building ambitions and their development of strategies of Indian governance based on Scottish enlightenment conceptions of go… >>Read more