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Cage of Water

The poems in Dennis Hinrichsen's Cage of Water explore collisions of spirit and matter, that thorn-and-thistle bath as he states in the book's final poem, where the limitations and entanglements of the flesh give over to a provisional and sometimes fractured radiance and everlasting. This radiance takes many forms: an uncle with Down Syndrome calling the make… >>Read more

Chains of Opportunity

While “plastics” was a one-word joke in the 1967 movie The Graduate, plastics and other polymers have never been a laughing matter at the University of Akron, with its world-renowned College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering. Chains of Opportunity: The University of Akron and the Emergence of the Polymer Age, 1909–2007 tells … >>Read more

Champions, Cheaters, and Childhood Dreams

Updated Edition, with Epilogue and Revised Appendices

From the mid-1930s, the All-American Soap Box Derby has enabled thousands of youngsters to use their curiosity, ingenuity, and determination.  Through first-person accounts, Champions, Cheaters, and Childhood Dreams chronicles a history of the race from a hillside in Dayton to the corporate-sponsored, star-studded even… >>Read more

A Childhood in the Milky Way

How does a young boy discover his vocation as a poet in what is seemingly the least poetical of environments, the industrial Midwest of the 1950s and 1960s? By turns comic and dramatic, at once down to earth and otherworldly in its homegrown mysticism, A Childhood in the Milky Way answers that question, lighting up a special boyhood in one small corner of the galaxy.

Part memoir… >>Read more

Circle Routes

Winner of the 2000 Akron Poetry Prize

In Circle Routes, a navigational term, John Minczeski transports the reader to a series of places that often interconnect, whether they are as close as the poet's back yard or as distant, in history and geography, as a Japanese concentration camp and the pungent streets of Rome. What links the poems, however diverse in subject and situa… >>Read more

The Civilized Tribes

In a career that spans more than twenty-five years, Jerry Bumpus has published nearly 120 stories in such notable magazines as Esquire, The Paris Review, and The Best American Short Stories. Now the most intense and original of his short fictions have been brought together in The Civilized Tribes: New and Selected Stories. Grounded in a world that is almost familiar, inhabi… >>Read more

The Comma after Love

From more than nine hundred poems left behind at the poet's death, Donald Justice has chosen the seventy-four representative works that comprise The Comma After Love. By turns rueful and amused, intimate and restrained, these poems speak movingly about the difficulties of love and faith, the pleasure of friendship and poetry, the loneliness and disappointments of the solitary life. In hi… >>Read more

Courting Failure

For the past twenty years, the law and literature movement has been gaining ground. More recently, a feminist perspective has enriched the field. With Courting Failure: Women and the Law in Twentieth-Century Literature, Heidi Slettedahl Macpherson adds a compelling voice to the discussion. Courting Failure critically explores the representation of women, fictional and historical, … >>Read more

The Cultural Context of Biodiversity Conservation

How are biological diversity, protected areas, indigenous knowledge and religious worldviews related? From an anthropological perspective, this book provides an introduction into the complex subject of conservation policies that cannot be addressed without recognising the encompassing relationship between discursive, political, economic, social and ecological facets… >>Read more

Cultural Psychology

The Principia Press was established to publish the works of noted psychologist J.R. Kantor (1888–1984). Proceeds from sales support The Center for the History of Psychology, housed at The University of Akron.

This book is concerned with the processes whereby human organisms develop their cultural traits as part of their general psychological personalities. Basically, cultural proce… >>Read more