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In Half/Mask, Roger Mitchell goes in search of the magic that remains when the world is stripped down to “an inhospitable beauty.” Many of these starkly lyrical poems explore the human and natural communities found on tundra and borrow freely from the great narrative and sculptural traditions of the Inuit and other rugged people who have learned to live intensely under challe… >>Read more

Hawk Parable

Hawk Parable begins with a family mystery and engages with the limits of historical knowledge—particularly of the atomic bombs the US dropped at the end of the Second World War and the repercussions of atomic tests the US conducted throughout the twentieth century. These poems explore a space between environmental crisis and a crisis of conscience. As a lyric collection… >>Read more

Her Slender Dress

Winner of the 1995 Akron Poetry Prize
Winner of the
1997 Norma Farber First Book Award, Poetry Society of America

Her Slender Dress, the first volume of poetry to win the Akron Poetry Prize, follows Virginia Woolf's advice to women writers: to move out of the sitting room and into reality. The staccato, often fragmented, syntax of these poems is an attemp… >>Read more

The Holden Arboretum

The Holden Arboretum is a living museum of forests and woodlands, meadows and display gardens, mountains and ravines, rock ledges and lakes, rivers and streams, wetlands and bogs, with an abundance of wildlife. It is a place of year-round beauty with tremendous scientific and ecological importance.

The Holden Arboretum was established on 100 acres in 1931 by people of vision and great g… >>Read more

How I Saw It

Jeff Iula grew up around the Soap Box Derby. His memories of  the race events over the past forty years are a treasure trove of the history of the gravity race, but also other aspects of the the Derby Downs race that are rarely covered. Aided by writer, Bill Ignizio, Iula has delved into his collection of Derby memorabilia to identify the most compelling images of cars and contestants, pro… >>Read more

How the Dead Bury the Dead

With reverence and exasperation and good humor, the poems in William Greenway's book, How the Dead Bury the Dead, evoke the pain of loss and celebrate the ways we transform our losses into strength. Dislocated from his native Georgia to the rust belt of the Midwest, haunted by the ghost of his father, by memories of his mother, and by dreams of his own mortality, Greenway turns his warm … >>Read more

How We Spent Our Time

Winner of the 2004 Akron Poetry Prize

Nearly every poem in How We Spent Our Time flies at its mast a title in the form of a gerund or ground phrase, that humble verbal noun. The book's table of contents, therefore, reads like an equally humble enumeration of the ways—some ordinary, some less soa human lifetime… >>Read more

Hurricane Party

Hurricane Party is a collection of larger-than-life poems that capture the cadence of New Orleans speech, and the indomitable spirit of its speakers and its culture. It’s refreshing to hear an authentic Louisiana voice, gutsy and genuine, putting it out there in the midst of the mess of “Yankeefied” and “celestial” poems Pelegrin rails against in “Katr… >>Read more