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Teaching Ethics in Organ Transplantation and Tissue Donation

Organ transplantation allows modern surgeons to give "new life" to chronically ill patients. At the same time, the new opportunities raise ethical questions concerning human identity and the definition of the human body. These concerns do not play out the same in all cultures or in every situation.

This collection of 30 case studies illustrates the range of global and local, ethical, so… >>Read more

The Temporary Life

Most Jewish-American fiction is centered on Jews from New York City or New Jersey or Boston whose parents all retire to Florida. Wasserman examines the diverse west coast experiences of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and especially Los Angeles, all having their own unique Jewish-American sensibility and quirkiness. Written early in his career, the stories reflect a young writer who was very … >>Read more

The Thames Embankment

The embankment of the Thames River in Victorian London is usually considered the final element of the London Main Drainage, a great engineering project that carried the sewage of the crowded metropolis down the valley and ended the toxic pollution of the river and surrounding neighborhoods. But the Embankment, whose construction took almost fifty years from concept to completion, achieved fame … >>Read more

A Time to Dance

After retirement, Heinz Poll completed his memoir, A Time to Dance. In a distinctive voice both pungent and charming, he tells the compelling story of how a teenager forced to spend the last two years of World War II in the German navy eventually wound up directing a dance company in Akron, Ohio.

Following a beginning as a soloist in Germany, Poll had a successful career as princ… >>Read more

Towns and Communication

The advent of email and texting has dramatically changed the way we communicate. In essence, we have lost “touch” in our dealings with each other. This change may have been speeded up by newer technologies, but telegraphs and telephones had a great impact in our perceptions of time and place. Before mass communication, the way we ordered and embedded knowledge and the possibilities … >>Read more

Tragedy and the Event Continuum

The Principia Press was established to publish the works of noted psychologist J.R. Kantor (1888–1984). Proceeds from sales support The Center for the History of Psychology, housed at The University of Akron.

Traditional scholarly attention to human tragedy has been confined mainly within the artificial world of drama and literature. It has neglected to recognize the significant re… >>Read more

Transport of Delight

Transport of Delight is a true interdisciplinary work, and includes a thorough analytical assessment of the Los Angeles rail program, with a focus on the Long Beach Blue Line light rail—the first of the new projects to go ahead. En route, it shows that ridership forecasting for this project was not only biased and statistically invalid, but in fact done to justify decisions made on… >>Read more

Tropical Mountain Forest

Tropical mountain forests are very rich in species and are generally considered as hotspots of biodiversity. They are also of great ecological importance as sources of water and other ecosystem services for millions of people living in the tropics. However, these valuable forest ecosystems are now increasingly being fragmented, reduced and disturbed by human interventions. This book originated … >>Read more

True Tales from the Campaign Trail

True Tales from the Campaign Trail finds Democratic and Republican political consultants putting aside their differences to offer entertaining and honest insights into the art of the political campaign. First-hand accounts from across the spectrum detail the trials and tribulations of primaries for Ted Kennedy, Oliver North, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton; fraught Senate races fo… >>Read more

Twice Told

The poems in Twice Told roam through Midwest and western landscapes haunted by shards of nineteenth-century gothic novels, war stories, warnings, and the ghosts of known and imagined lovers, mothers, soldiers, trainmates, and mistresses. These are poems interested in narrative framing, repetition, rumor, humor, and hearsay; poems that loop back in on themselves as they compulsively rep… >>Read more