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Walks around Akron

Walks around Akron: Rediscovering a City in Transition celebrates the simple pleasure of seeing a community at a slow pace from ground level. In March 1987, the Akron Beacon Journal began publishing a series of articles about Akron and its environs, written by Russ Musarra and illustrated by Chuck Ayers. These popular essays-with-art continued in the newspaper through the end of 2… >>Read more

The Waters of Forgetting

In The Waters of Forgetting, Seiler brings together poems that spring from the tensions between memory and forgetting, the past and the present, the daily and the eternal. Whether he is writing about his family or popular music or the violent horrors of our age, Seiler's poems are always concerned with time, the difficulties of living in it and living with it. Moving through these variou… >>Read more

Weather Inventions

“First marvel; then record.” This tempered revision of Wordsworth’s famous definition of poetry as a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion recollected in tranquility serves as a useful guide to Emily Rosko’s Weather Inventions. The poems in Rosko’s third collection capture an enduring sense of wonder in the face of nature alongside the scientific impuls… >>Read more

West Point Market Cookbook

In Seattle, people swear by Pike Place Market. In the Big Apple, native New Yorkers trek to Zabar's. In Northeast Ohio, everyone salivates at the thought of West Point Market's Killer Brownies.

West Point Market, a market like no other, packs 350 varieties of cheese, 3,000 different wines, and 8,200 international gourmet items into 25,000 square feet of sheer culinary heaven. Family-own… >>Read more

Wheels of Fortune

Wheels of Fortune is a tale of two cities—both of them Akron. One city, built on rubber, turned itself into a model for Middle America industrial success. The other city has had to learn to live on in rubber's wake, to remake itself, to come to terms with its remade self. To tell this tale of two cities is to tell the tale of America's rubber industry. The stories interlock like tire and … >>Read more

When Giants Roamed the Sky

Karl Arnstein's life was defined by the world wars which shattered Europe. But for these cataclysmic events, his life's work might have been far different.

From Zeppelin in Germany to Goodyear in Akron, Ohio, Arnstein participated in the design and development of more airships than any other engineer. He could have been a philosopher or mathematician, but a desire to be practical attrac… >>Read more

Winter Morning with Crow

Winner of the 1996 Akron Poetry Prize

What a bright, engaging, lively intelligence is at play here! In these days of noisy promotion, the quietly self-assured poems of Winter Morning with Crow would seem familiar only if they were louder and more demonstrative, if they had some sort of platform to run on, if they cultivated the grotesque or t… >>Read more

Written on the Hills

In warm and lively prose, Written on the Hills explores the natural and human history of Akron, Ohio. Drawing on geological studies, state and municipal records, local histories and personal reminiscences, Frances McGovern shows how the landscape has influenced the development of Akron, and how the layers of Akron's history are revealed in its modern landscape.

This midsize city,… >>Read more