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Recipes by Ladies of St. Paul's Church

A New Edition with a Photographic Insert and an Introduction by Jon Miller

Miss Harriet Angel, Editor

Pages: 148; Size: 6" x 9"
Series: Ohio History and Culture -- series
Imprint: Buchtel Books

ISBN: 978-1-931968-67-6

Paperback, Price: $14.95

Originally published in 1887, this unique cookbook includes recipes for Oyster Croquettes, Frizzle Beef, Eggs Au Plat, Royal Diplomatic Pudding, English Currant Bread, White Mountain Cake, Hickory Nut Macaroons, Spanish Pickles, and more. Also included is a discussion of cooking for the sick, and a chapter, “Scraps,” that details homemade solutions for getting rid of red ants, removing mildew, and preventing calicos from fading. There’s even a discussion of antidotes for common poisons of the day like laudanum—“coffee, acids, and cold water on the head with friction.” The book is catalog of the era’s history and culture reflected in advertisements for milliners, grocers, plumbers, furniture makers, and medicinal dealers.

To put the work in context, a new introduction has been written, and this edition contains an insert with historical photos and tidbits.

Buchtel Books is an imprint of the University of Akron Press, specializing in the reissue of titles that provide a picture of Northeast Ohio’s history and culture.

About the author

Harriet Angel

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