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The Monkey & the Wrench

Essays into Contemporary Poetics

by Mary Biddinger, John Gallaher

Pages: 176; Size: 6" x 9"
Series: Contemporary Poetics -- series
Imprint: University of Akron Press

ISBN: 978-1-931968-91-1

Paperback, Price: $14.95

ISBN: 978-1-935603-52-8

ePub, Price: $9.99

ISBN: 978-1-935603-51-1

ePDF, Price: $9.99

The Monkey & the Wrench: Essays into Contemporary Poetics takes a snapshot of a moving target: the ever-shifting conversation about today’s poetry. The ten essays in this collection offer reflections and insights, practical advice for craft matters, and provocative points of departure for those who read and write poetry.

Robert Archambeau
, “The Discursive Situation of Poetry”
Elisa Gabbert
, “The Moves: Common Maneuvers in Contemporary Poetry”
Michael Dumanis, “An Aesthetics of Accumulation: On the Contemporary Litany”
Stephen Burt, “Cornucopia, or, Contemporary American Rhyme”
Benjamin Paloff, “I Am One of an Infinite Number of Monkeys Named Shakespeare”
Elizabeth Robinson, “Persona and the Mystical Poem”
David Kirby, “A Wilderness of Monkeys”
Michael Theune et al., “Hybrid Aesthetics and its Discontents”
Cole Swensen, “Response to Hybrid Aesthetics and its Discontents”
Joy Katz, “Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye: Notes on the Ends of Poems”

About the authors

Mary Biddinger

Mary Biddinger is the author of the poetry collection Prairie Fever, and the chapbook Saint Monica. She is the editor of the Akron Series in Poetry, and co-editor of Barn Owl Review. Biddinger is an Associate Professor of English at The University of Akron, and directs the NEOMFA: Northeast Ohio Master of Fine Arts consortium.

John Gallaher

John Gallaher is the author of four books of poetry, most recently Map of the Folded World, and Your Father on the Train of Ghosts (with G. C. Waldrep). He's currently co-editor of The Laurel Review and lives in rural Missouri.

Other books by John Gallaher

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