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OMD Peer Mentoring Services Mentee Application

UA students can submit this form to request a Peer Mentor.

Personal Info
Select the option that best reflects your academic status based on accumulated credit hours.

Interests and Mentor Options
  •  Reading
  •  Community Service
  •  Playing Sports
  •  Movies/Theater
  •  Writing
  •  Travel
  •  Watching Sports
  •  Performing Music/Dance
  •  Cultural Events
  •  Religious Involvement
  •  Video Games
  •  Professional Clubs/Organizations
  •  Other: 
  •  Monday
  •  Tuesday
  •  Wednesday
  •  Thursday
  •  Friday
Please indicate your best times on each day that you selected in the previous question. If you do not know your upcoming semester's schedule, state so.
An asterisk (*) denotes a required field