Emerging Leaders Program Application

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What does the idea of an Emerging Leaders Community mean to you?

What past experience (high school activities, clubs, or organizations) or talents do you have that could be beneficial in this type of setting?

What are your strengths as a leader?

How do you hope to improve through your participation in this Leadership Community?

Other than studies, what major time commitments will you have during your freshman year?

How do you feel your participation in this community will affect your academic performance?

PLEASE NOTE: We will begin reviewing applications in the Spring Semester and continue until the Community is filled.

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  1. That the information herein and the supporting documentation is true, correct and complete.
  2. I give my permission to the Department of Residence Life and Housing to verify my high school GPA.
  3. I understand that I MUST have at least a 2.2 cumulative high school GPA. *For those interested in becoming an Honors EL, the GPA differs. Visit http://www.uakron.edu/honors for additional information.

Before submitting, please print a copy for your records.