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Copier Management Program (CPC)
Toner/Supplies Order Form

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There is no charge for toner if your Printer/Copier is on the CPC Program

Supplies needed: (Please submit a separate form for each device)
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Please allow 24 hours for your supplies to be delivered.
If you have any questions please contact Liz Douglas ext. 2975

Q:    Can I order laser toner cartridges on this web page if my printer is not on the Cost per Copy Program?
A:     No, if you are interested in more information about The Cost per Copy Program please call The Copier Management office @ 2975.

Q:    How do I know if my printer is on the laser printer contract?
A:     If your copier/ printer has a Lake Business or ComDoc Identification tag on the front, you are on The Cost per Copy Program. All toner and supplies are included in your cost per copy.

Q:    Why do we have a laser printer contract?
A:     To save money in your printing environment.

Q:    What printers are eligible for the laser printer contract?
A:     All laser printers, color and black and white.

Q:    Who can help troubleshoot my laser printer issues?
A:     Start by calling The University of Akron help desk x6888 and they will direct your call.

Q:    What if our office wants to buy a new printer?
A:     Please contact The Copier Management Program x 2975, for more information.