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Campus Wellness

Learn to balance the Seven Dimensions of Wellness with The University of Akron, community, and national resources.

Check out the useful Student Health and Wellness Guide.

General Primary Health Care:

Enrolled students are eligible to receive general primary health care and evaluation of sports injuries at the Student Health Center. The Center includes the Well Women's Clinic.

To make it convenient for our whole campus community, the Student Health Center is available Monday through Friday to take care of minor illnesses and injuries for all students, faculty and staff.  We now have 2 locations in which you can be seen and treated.  We are in the Recreation and Wellness Center, Suite 260.  Call 330-972-7808.  You can also be seen by our Nurse Practitioners in the Nursing Center for Community Health in Mary Gladwin Hall, Suite 116. Call 330-972-6968.  Have a great and successful semester!

Are you looking to stop smoking?

A Smoking Cessation Program is available through Healthy U.

Light Up Your Thinking on Hearing Loss:

As the fireworks light up the sky this Independence Day, you can “light up“ your thinking on hearing loss. The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) reports that people who identify and treat their hearing loss are likely to hold many positive attributes. These positive attributes include valuing relationships, being active and valuing your health, just to name a few. Add some light to your life by having your hearing evaluated!

We are now able to bill the university’s insurance provider, Apex, for the cost of the evaluation. Not covered by Apex? No problem. University employees are offered a 50% discount on the cost of a comprehensive diagnostic hearing test and up to a $300 discount on hearing aids.  Additionally, parents, spouses and children of faculty and staff members receive a 25% discount on all services.

Are you or a loved one turning the T.V. up louder?  Is it difficult to follow conversation in noisy environments?  Does it seem like people are mumbling?  If any of these situations sound familiar, why not take advantage of your benefit and make an appointment today for a hearing evaluation!

Our staff of licensed, doctoral-level audiologists and Doctor of Audiology students are eager to assist with your hearing and balance needs! The clinic is open weekdays from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Please call 330-972-6035 to make an appointment today!

The Nutrition Center offers services to students, faculty, staff employees of The University of Akron and communities in Northeast Ohio.  The Center provides nutrition assessment and counseling, medical nutrition therapy, computerized menu and food intake analysis, food systems management services, and individual and group nutrition education services.

Student Recreation and Wellness Services and the UA Nutrition Center are pleased to offer nutritional counseling every Tuesday from 9am-3pm in room 107 of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Services are free to any student with a meal plan, and $15.00 for all other community members. Cash or check only. Schedule your appointment today by calling 330-972-6599.

Understanding the how and why of healthy eating can help set you up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Check out the new online Student’s Guide to Nutrition from

A Weight Watchers Reimbursement Program is available through Healthy U.

Need Food or need help paying for food, the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is here to help.

The 2017 Akron Street Cards provide a guide to resources in the community including food assistance, meal sites, medical information, as well as home and health care.

Comprehensive psychological services are offered to currently enrolled students at the Counseling Center for free. A culturally diverse staff of licensed psychologists and doctoral trainees provide psychological counseling and psychotherapy, career counseling, testing services, outreach and consultation to the university community. The College Survival Kit consists of numerous workshops that provide academic performance help, wellness education, and discussion of issues such as cultural diversity.

The Clinic for Individual and Family Counseling provides high quality, low cost (or free) mental health services to the Greater Akron area. Counseling is provided to individuals of all ages, couples, families and groups.

The Career Center is your convenient one-stop shop for everything related to careers — including internships/co-ops, jobs on campus, career planning, interview prep and career readiness.

Students who work on campus part-time adjust quickly to college life, learn valuable skills like communication and time management, make friends, earn money, and gain references for your future career search.

Many popular civic engagement programs, which include Make a Difference Day and Alternative Spring Break, are available through serveAkron.

The Counseling Center has a culturally diverse staff of licensed psychologists and doctoral trainees provide psychological counseling and psychotherapy, career counseling, testing services, outreach and consultation to the university community. Comprehensive psychological services are offered to currently enrolled students for free.

Healthy U wellness programs include Weight Watchers Reimbursement, Smoking Cessation, Wellness Wednesday and Yoga classes on Thursdays.

Each UA student and faculty/staff SRWS member is eligible to receive one (1) free physical fitness assessment per calendar year. The assessment includes testing the five components of physical fitness: aerobic capacity, body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Want to become active? Participate in popular group exercise classes designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced individuals at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center such as Yoga, Boot Camp, Power Abs, and other offerings.

Have a passion to compete? Join organized club sports or intramural competition to feed your competitive edge.

In need of a new direction for fitness? Schedule an appointment with a certified personal training to set and meet fitness goals, and give personal training a shot.

Feeling adventurous? Explore the outdoors with the Outdoor Adventure, and get involved in activities such as whitewater rafting, mountain biking, bouldering, and other adventure programs.

The Dance Institute offers evening non-credit recreational dance and conditioning classes for adults, teens and children (ages 7-12).  The current schedule includes Adult/Teen ballet, modern and Pilates-based mat exercise.  UA faculty/staff receive a 20 percent discount on the semester fee. Registration is ongoing.

Safety is a top priority at UA, as evidenced by the programs and safety services in place to help protect, inform and empower our students.

Be among the first to know when UA closes because of snow or when something else affects safety with UA's emergency text-messaging service Z-Alert.

Sexual Respect at Akron at The University of Akron, we strive to promote an environment of sexual respect - and that means zero tolerance for gender-based harassment, sexual assault or misconduct, relationship violence or stalking.

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Angie Gowan
Manager, Fitness and Wellness

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Manager, Benefits Administration and ADA Coordinator