Fridays at UA are unlike anywhere else


Practical, career-focused learning is one of the most important aspects of the Akron Experience. That’s why, beginning this fall, The University of Akron is giving you “Five-Star Fridays.

Each week, classes will be held for most students on Monday through Thursday (the “Four-Day Core”), while Fridays will be dedicated to hands-on, real-world experience, such as:

  • co-ops and internships
  • co-curricular activities
  • research and lab work
  • community service
  • career services
  • advising and tutoring
  • professional development and networking
  • collaborating with teachers and peers
  • scheduling job interviews and work

This innovative schedule – unique among universities in the area – has received favorable feedback in surveys of current and prospective students, high school counselors and principals, and local business professionals.

“Quality learning and student success are the primary focuses of Five-Star Fridays,” President Matthew Wilson said. “Courses will be the same number of minutes and involve the same academic rigor.”

Learn more about the many ways you can become more career-ready on Five-Star Fridays.