President Miller Reflects on the 150 Celebration

A collage of historical photos from UA's history

15 ways we have changed the world

From the establishment of the world’s first rubber chemistry classes in 1909 to the creation of a ground-breaking Ph.D. program in biomimicry, we celebrate 15 ways we have kept our promises and changed the world since 1870.

Zips Who Inspire
Celebrating our people in honor of UA’s Sesquicentennial

Stories of Akron Zips who’ve inspired others through their work, generosity or talents.


Our Exclusive Docu-series

From igniting the lamp of learning in 1870 to Hilltop traditions, Akron Historian Dave Lieberth (UA ‘69, LAW ‘77) takes viewers through a lesson in UA history.



Honoring 150 years of our people, our place and our promises.


Celebrating 150 Years

On 10.10.20, thousands of UA Alumni and friends around the world joined in virtual celebration to commemorate The University of Akron's 150th Anniversary. Take a look at some of the evening's entertainment, video messages, and reactions on social media.

Festive phone and computer wallpaper

Our phones (and computers) reflect who we are. Check out our three wallpapers for phone and computer, available for free download.

Just tap or click on an image to open it and save it to your device.





The Founding and Flourishing of The University of Akron

This exhibition was curated by Archival Services of University Libraries in commemoration of The University of Akron's Sesquicentennial.


Hail We Akron!

The book created to celebrate The University of Akron's sesquicentennial, Hail We Akron!: The Third Fifty Years of The University of Akron, 1970 to 2020, is now available for pre-order.

A celebratory collection rather than a chronicle, Hail We Akron! gathers memories, impressions and opinions of alumni, friends, stakeholders and donors about Akron’s hometown college since its achievement of state status.

Edited by Mark Auburn, Hail We Akron! is a collaboration between dozens of Zips, Archival Services of University Libraries, The University of Akron Press and The Myers School of Art's designxnine student design studio.

Order now and use code ZIPPY to save 30%.


Contact Annie Hanson, director of community relations and engagement, at 330-972-7874.

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Planning team

Celebrating this moment in our history requires contributions from across campus and the community. We thank the following individuals for their time and creativity.

Mark Auburn
Roland Bauer
Anne Bruno
Theresa Carter
Kim Cole
Celeste Cook 
Mary Cooke
Thad Doyle
Tonia Ferrell
Vic Fleischer
Suzie Graham

Dave Harris
Wayne Hill
Halle Jones Capers
Kevin Kern
Willy Kollman
Bill Kraus
Bob Kropff
John LaGuardia
Jolene Lane
David Lieberth
Robin Lombardi

Ted Mallo
John Messina
Jon Miller
Matt Newhouse
Dave Nypaver
Linda Saliga
Candace Smith
Sarah Steidl
Harvey Sterns
Diane Vukovich
Anoo Vyas