Considering a gap semester or year? Here's what you need to know

The University of Akron’s gap procedure allows an admitted student to delay their admission for one semester or one academic year. This procedure grants applicants the flexibility to take advantage of unique opportunities that will enrich the community once the applicant is on campus or allows delay of enrollment for documented reasons (see "Eligibility" below).

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A student who is approved to take a gap semester/year does not need to submit a new application to Undergraduate Admissions as long as they enroll at UA no later than one year after the original application term. However, students who have changes to their application information (enrollment at another school, felony or disciplinary issues at another school, etc.) must contact Undergraduate Admissions to update their information, and may be required to reapply.

Failure to follow the guidelines established in this procedure can result in the loss of admission status or scholarships to The University of Akron.


Applicants who are admitted to the fall or spring semester are eligible to request a gap semester/year. A gap semester/year is granted from fall/spring semester of one year to the fall/spring semester of the following year.

Reasons for a gap semester/year

Students can request a gap semester/year for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Military or public service
  • Unique travel or work opportunity
  • Personal reasons that could include illness
  • Cultural enrichment opportunity
  • Delay in Visa/immigration status

Students cannot take a gap semester/year to enroll in another college or university or to participate in a program that earns college credit.

How to apply for a gap year

  1. Admitted students should log into their Applicant Portal
  2. Click on the Update App tab
  3. Click on the Defer Entry Term and complete the request

You will receive an email indicating that your request has been received, as well as the status.

Retaining admission

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Upon enrollment for the fall/spring semester, students will retain their admission status.

Domestic students must submit a new FAFSA prior to their new term of enrollment. International students do not complete and submit a FAFSA.


For a gap semester

  • Student should apply for housing and submit the $150 prepayment and then contact to the following semester.

For a gap year

  • For students who already applied for housing, the student will need to cancel and then reapply for housing for the next academic year (housing application opens in late January for the upcoming fall semester).
  • For those who did not apply yet, the student will apply for housing the next academic year.

Exemptions or exclusions from the on-campus housing policy must be approved by the Department of Residence Life and Housing. For questions, please contact the Department of Residence Life and Housing at