What ever happened to…?

Looking for an old friend?  Let us help!  Just follow these simple steps and we'll do our best to make it happen.

First step Please take a second to update your record.  This will help us verify you are you, and if someone wants to reach out to you in the future.

Second step Send an e-mail answering the following questions.

Third step The full name of the person you are looking for.  Other helpful information about them includes:

    • Partial birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Married or maiden name
    • Major
    • Year they graduated
    • Organization(s) they were involved with
    • Anything else you know about them that you think might help us identify them

Fourth step Be sure to include how you would like the person to contact you: phone, e-mail, postal service, etc.

Final step Give us some time.  We have more than 244,000 individuals in our system, so it could take some time to find the right person depending on how much info you are able to provide.

What we do with your request

  • Once we receive your e-mail, we will verify you attended UA.
  • From there, the hunt is on.  We will scour our database with the information you have provided on your friend and do our best to locate them.
  • If we find them, we will reach out to them using the information we have on file.  Sometimes info like a phone number or e-mail address is no longer in service.


  • If we are able to reach them, we will let them know an old friend is interested in getting back in touch. If they are interested, we will forward your contact information. You will also be notified that we were successful.

Uh oh.

  • If we are unable to contact the individual or if they wish not to be contacted, we will let you know.