Jewelry & Metalsmithing

Jewelry & Metalsmithing Fundamentals

The Jewelry & Metalsmithing Program at the Mary Schiller Myers School of Art offers students a foundation in traditional and contemporary jewelry making and metalsmithing practices, while also emphasizing conceptual thinking, innovation in design, and refined craftsmanship. Students acquire an understanding of new technologies, investigate alternative materials, and gain insight into the history of the field. The program may be pursued from a fine artist, designer, or craftsperson’s perspective, and prepares students for a variety of careers in fine art, industrial or entrepreneurial settings.

Jewelry & Metalsmithing Faculty

Sherry Simms

Sherry Simms
Title: Associate Professor, Metalsmithing Area Coordinator
Dept/Program: Metalsmithing
Phone: 330–972–5964


Students are presented with a broad range of facilities and opportunities while pursuing their BFA in Jewelry & Metalsmithing such as:

  • 24-hour studio access
  • Exhibit in shows both within the university and beyond in regional venues.
  • Participate in the Annual Myers Holiday Shop, Akron Art Museum Holiday Sale, and other local venues.
  • Travel to the Biennial Society of North American Goldsmith Conferences.
  • Participate in the Akron Jewelry & Metals Club Activities
  • Engage with the Akron and Northeast Ohio communities at museum, schools, and community jewelry and metalsmithing events.
  • Gain hands on experience working with local and regional artist in our exciting internship program. Past students have interned with Zenia Lis, Stephen Yusko, Tap Studios, Seth Gould, and Cambridge Jewelers.

Sample Curriculum:

Jewelry & Metalsmithing Facilities

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