Photography Fundamentals and Purpose

The photography program in the Mary Schiller Myers School of Art provides in-depth experience in black and white and color fine art photography utilizing film and digital technologies as well as commercial photography and alternative approaches to the medium. Technical mastery and advanced conceptual thinking are emphasized, along with a solid grounding in historical and contemporary issues.

The photography area has a primary aim to provide a high quality professional undergraduate education in fine art photography. The program’s curriculum centers on mastery in film and digital technologies as well as strong conceptual development towards a final portfolio. The photography area also serves many art and non-art students who take photography classes as electives.


  • Education of the student in the field of fine art photography.
  • Understanding of the historical and conceptual developments in the field.
  • Understanding of the tools, materials, and processes used in the field today.
  • Development of the students’ career as a professional artist working in the gallery/museum world.
  • Personal development for the student, to increase self-awareness and to provide a means for self-expression.

Photography Faculty

Melissa Stallard

Melissa Stallard
Title: Associate Professor, Photography Area Coordinator
Dept/Program: Photography
Phone: 330–972–5958


Students are presented with a broad range of facilities and opportunities while pursuing their BFA in Photography such as:

  • Competitive scholarships available for partial tuition, fees, tools, research, materials, and travel
  • Travel to the Society for Photographic Education’s Regional and National Conferences

Folk Photography Association

Founded in 2012, the FPA is a  university-recognized student organization dedicated to building a stronger community of students who have an interest in fine art photography. Regular activities are scheduled throughout the academic year.

Visiting Artists and Residencies


Mr. & Mrs. Bidwell generously support a visiting artist each year. This residency provides a public lecture and one-on-one portfolio reviews for current photography students.

Past Artists:

  • Philip-Lorca di Corcia
  • Jen Davis
  • LaToya Ruby Frazier
  • Chris Verene
  • Doug Dubois
  • Todd Hido
  • Andrea Modica
  • Martin Parr
  • Thomas Roma
  • Jason Salavon
  • Paul Shambroom
  • Brian Ulrich
  • William Williams


Emerging and established fine art photographers are invited to speak about their work and review photography student portfolios.

Past Artists:

  • Nate Mathews
  • Jeff Rich 
  • Krista Wortendyke
  • Mike Smith

Sample Curriculum:

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