Dr. Harvey A. and Annetta Karam Endowed Scholarship for NEOMED EAP Students

Department: BS/MD, NEOMED EAP
Undergraduate/Graduate: Undergraduate
GPA: 3.4 at end of first year Distribution: Renewable, awarded annually

This endowed scholarship provides a significant annual award to two (2) worthy undergraduate NEOMED EAP students (formerly BS/MD) enrolled at The University of Akron. Renewal is contingent upon the student maintaining a 3.4 overall GPA at the end of the first year.

This endowed scholarship provides for full or partial tuition, fees, room, board and/or books. Upon successful completion of their studies at The University of Akron, Dr. Harvey A. and Annetta Karam Scholars will be eligible for scholarship support during each of the student's four-years of medical school at NEOMED, assuming satisfactory academic progress.

It shall be awarded based, primarily, on financial need, as well as merit. The University of Akron’s EAP students (formerly BS/MD) screening committee, in consultation with The University of Akron’s Office of Financial Aid, will select the scholarship recipients and manage their scholarship award through medical school. The scholarship recipients will be notified of the receipt of the scholarship by August 31st.

The scholarship was established in 1996 in honor of Dr. Karam by his wife, Annetta Karam.