John T. Dukes Memorial Essay Prize in Composition Studies

Department: English
Undergraduate/Graduate: Undergraduate
Amount: $100
Student Level: Graduate
Distribution: Annual Award

The John T. Dukes Memorial Essay Prize in Composition honors the memory of John T. Dukes, father of a faculty member in the Department of English. John T. Dukes was an Army sergeant and barber who had always longed for higher education but was unable to pursue it due to profound dyslexia.

This literary prize will be awarded each year to an outstanding essay in composition studies written by a graduate student and chosen by a committee of English Department faculty members, selected by the Chair of the Department of English. The committee deems outstanding to be the most insightful, most theoretically and/or methodologically sound, and best written—in short, an essay that makes a significant contribution to the field of composition studies.

Application Instructions