Juris Doctor/Master of Applied Politics

This joint degree, which is the only one of its kind in the country, combines the two degrees while allowing students to complete requirements with 18 fewer credits than taking the degrees separately.

To pursue this degree program, students must be admitted to the School of Law and the Graduate School for the Department of Political Science/Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics.

Degree Information:

Most students will complete the equivalent of the first year of law school and then begin taking courses in both programs.  

Degree Requirements:

  • Joint Law School/Political Science Course: 3 credits
    • POLIT:655/LAWX:655: Campaign and Election Law 
  • Joint Required Internship/Experiential Learning: 3 credits
    • POLIT:695/LAWX:653: Internship in Government and Politics
      • Additional internship credits will be applied toward elective credits
  •  MAP Required Courses: 15 credits
    • POLIT:570: Fundamentals of Political Strategy (3 credits)
    • POLIT:571: Fundamentals of Electoral Messaging (3 credits)
    • POLIT:572: Campaign Finance, Fundraising, and Budgeting (3 credits)
    • POLIT:573: Voter Contact and Elections (3 credits)
    • POLIT:578: Fundamentals of the Digital Campaign (3 credits)
  • MAP Electives Courses: 3 credits
    • COMM:575: Political Communication (3 credits)
    • POLIT:502: Politics and the Media (3 credits)
    • POLIT:527: Campaign Battleground (3 credits)
    • POLIT:528: Ohio Politics (3 credits)
    • POLIT:540: Survey Research Methods (3 credits)
    • POLIT:541: The Policy Process (3 credits)
    • POLIT:542: Methods of Policy Analysis (3 credits)
    • POLIT:543: Political Scandals & Corruption (3 credits)
    • POLIT:561: The Supreme Court & Constitutional Law (3 credits)
    • POLIT:562: The Supreme Court & Civil Liberties (3 credits) 
    • POLIT:563: Human Rights in World Politics (3 credits)
    • POLIT:574: Political Opinion, Behavior & Electoral Politics (3 credits)
    • POLIT:575: American Interest Groups (3 credits)
    • POLIT:576: American Political Parties (3 credits)
    • POLIT:577: Government Relations and Lobbying (3 credits)
    • POLIT:580: Policy Problems in Political Science (3 credits)
    • POLIT:583: Constitutional Problems in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
    • POLIT:600: Scope and Theories of Political Science (3 credits)
    • POLIT:630: Seminar in National Politics (3 credits)
    • POLIT:650: Seminar on Law, Punishment & Politics: US & the World (3 credits)
    • POLIT:668: Seminar in Public Policy Agendas & Decisions (3 credits)
    • POLIT:672: Seminar: Political Influence and Organizations (3 credits)

Applied Politics Portfolio and Defense

      • Portfolio contains:
        • At least two major papers prepared for required courses
        • An applied politics capstone project assigned by the student's advisor
      • Pass an oral defense of the applied politics portfolio

      Descriptions for Political Science graduate classes.

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      • Dr. David Cohen, Director of Applied Politics Program and Academic Advisor, dbcohen@uakron.edu