Andrea Meluch, Ph.D.

Andrea Meluch, Ph.D.

Title: BOS Coordinator & Associate Professor
Dept/Program: School of Communication
Office: Kolbe Hall 110F
Phone: 330-972-5189


  • • PhD, Kent State University
  • • MA, The University of Akron
  • • BA, Cleveland State University

Professional & Academic Experience

Andrea L. Meluch (PhD, Kent State University, 2016) is an Associate Professor of Communication in the School of Communication at The University of Akron. Her research focuses on the intersections of health, organizational, and instructional communication. Specifically, she is interested in how individuals manage their health information in organizational contexts and, in particular, how they make decisions about disclosing personal health information and provide others with social support. She has published in Communication Studies, Communication Education, Southern Communication Journal, Health Communication, Journal of Communication in Healthcare, and the Journal of Communication Pedagogy. She has also authored/co-authored more than two dozen book chapters and/or encyclopedia entries.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Gettings, P., & Meluch, A. L. (2021). “This happens in the real world?:” Perceptions of student-developed workplace case studies. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.  Advance online publication.

Meluch, A. L. (2021). Waiting to be seen: Provider-patient communication in the emergency room about miscarriage. Health Communication. Advance online publication.

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Book Chapters

Walter, H., & Meluch, A. L. (2021). Human resource management. In L. M. Mahoney, & T. Tang (Eds.), The Rowman & Littlefield handbook of media management and business (pp. 97-116). Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. [invited]

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Meluch, A. L., & Starcher, S. (2020). The stigmatization of mental health disclosure in the college classroom: Student perceptions of instructor credibility and the benefits of disclosure. In L. R. Lippert, R. Hall, A. Miller-Ott, & D. C. Davis (Eds.), Communicating mental health: History, contexts, and perspectives (pp. 147-166). Lexington Books.  

Walter, H. L., & Meluch, A. L. (2020). Measurement issues and trends in organizational communication. In E. E. Graham, & J. P. Mazer (Eds.), Communication research measures III: A sourcebook (pp. 82-93). Routledge. [invited]

Measure Profiles in Communication Research Measures III:

  • Meluch, A. L. (2020). Policy communication index. In E. E. Graham, & J. P. Mazer (Eds.), Communication research measures III: A sourcebook (pp. 376-380). Routledge. [invited]
  • Meluch, A. L. (2020). Structurational divergence scale. In E. E. Graham, & J. P. Mazer (Eds.), Communication research measures III: A sourcebook (pp. 455-459). Routledge. [invited]
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Encyclopedia Entries

Cline, R. J., & Meluch, A. L. (2017). Bad news, communication of. In M. Allen (Ed.),

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods (pp. 83-86). Sage Publications. [invited]

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disclosure, privacy management, social support, conflict, mental health communication


  • BUSN 230 Business Communication
  • COMM 325 Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 384 Communication Research
  • COMM 435 Organizational Communication
  • COMM 459 Leadership & Communication (combined with 4240 301 Leadership Principles & Practices for Technical Organizations)
  • COMM 531 Risk Communication
  • COMM 538 Health Communication 
  • COMM 623 Applied Communication Theory
  • COMM 630 Communication in Organizations