The Department of Chemistry scholarships listed below are awarded to Chemistry and Biochemistry undergraduate majors. The awards criteria may include academic performance, place of residence, current university rank, etc. These scholarships were set up in some cases by corporations, in other instances by individuals and their families, all believing that majoring in chemistry is excellent preparation for a wide range of professions.  

If you are a Chemistry or Biochemistry major and are interested in being considered, please fill out the application form linked here (Word or PDF file) and email the completed form to by the end of the fifth week of classes in the Spring semester. Scholarship recipients will be notified by e-mail by the end of the tenth week of classes.

Typically the department awards in excess of $90,000 each year in student scholarships.  The following list gives the title and description of each award:

THE JOSEPH C. AMBELANG ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established by Eileen Ambelang in 2008 in memory of her husband, Joseph who was chemist both for Firestone and Goodyear Rubber Companies over a 42 year period of time. The scholarship is to assist deserving students who are receiving a degree in Chemistry.

THE HAROLD G. CASSIDY CHEMISTRY ENDOWMENT FUND: This fund was established in 1997, in memory of Dr. Harold G. Cassidy by his wife Kathryn C. Cassidy. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate chemistry majors.

JOHN FRANKLIN COLEMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP IN CHEMISTRY: Established in 1999 by Dr. Lester E. and Kathleen A. Coleman in remembrance of Dr. John F. Coleman’s life. Recipients are undergraduate Chemistry majors with a 3.5 or higher GPA.

EXXON CHEMICAL COMPANY SCHOLARSHIP FUND: This endowed fund was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to junior or senior students in the Department of Chemistry based on academic achievement and financial need.

EMANUAEL AND ROSE GURIN SCHOLARSHIP: This endowed scholarship was established in honor of Emanual Gurin (Class of 1935) as a 1983 Honored Alumnus of the University and for Mrs. Emanual Gurin (Rose Tepper). It is awarded to undergraduate chemistry majors based on academic achievement and financial need.

THE M.M. HARRISON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: This award provides scholarship assistance to an undergraduate chemistry major with a high scholastic average (3.5 or higher).

THE MAURICE A. KNIGHT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established in 1997 by the Knight Family, this scholarship is awarded to qualified undergraduate students in the Chemistry Department maintaining full time enrollment status, scholastic achievement, superior character and leadership.

THE GERTRUDE A. LANCASTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Established in 1983, this scholarship provides tuition assistance to deserving undergraduate students majoring in Chemistry.

THE LUBRIZOL CORPORATION SCHOLARSHIP IN CHEMISTRY: This scholarship is awarded to four (4) undergraduate chemistry majors based on the students’ scholastic ability, strong leadership qualities and good citizenship. The scholarship can only be applied to a student’s tuition.

THE ERNST E. & LOIS M. MCCLELLAN SCHOLARSHIP: Established in 1997 this scholarship is awarded to undergraduate chemistry majors.

THE JULIUS MUEHLSTEIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Scholarship fund was established to assist promising undergraduate chemistry