"Suffered As Women Do”: Gender and Treatment in U.S. Asylums

Opened August 1, 2023. On display now.

National Museum of Psychology

“But I at last had a regular attack of what the doctors called nervous prostration or spinal irritation. At any rate, I lay in bed for many months and suffered as women do – from backaches and headaches, and pains boring into the base of my skull.”
- Anonymous, 1896

“Suffered as Women Do”: Gender and Treatment in U.S. Asylums explores women’s experiences in 19th and 20th century asylums and state hospitals. Drawing on reports prepared annually by administrators and first-person narratives of women’s lived experiences, this exhibit reveals the ways in which gender played a role in mental health institutions, including diagnoses, treatment, and daily life.

Curated by Lacy Nicholas, a Museums & Archives Studies Certificate student at The University of Akron.

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"Suffered as Women Do" Student Curator's Tour

Wednesday, March 6, 2024
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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