Credit for Prior Learning at The University of Akron

Experience counts at The University of Akron (UA)

Get on the fast track toward a degree or certificate through a unique pathway called credit for prior learning.

Learning happens anytime, anywhere. Even outside traditional classrooms.


Credit for prior learning offers you academic credit for relevant knowledge and skills you may have acquired through alternative learning experiences.

Credit for prior learning can come from:

  • Professional certifications;
  • Work history;
  • Military service;
  • Previous college coursework
  • Self-directed study, and more!

At UA, we celebrate knowledge.

We’ll help document what you learned outside the classroom so you
can focus your coursework on reaching your next success.


Earn your degree faster while saving money

Receiving academic credit for what you know gives you a more flexible approach to your education, accelerating the completion of your undergraduate degree while simultaneously reducing the cost to earn it.

UA students have successfully completed college-level coursework, acquired formal training or professional certifications beyond conventional degree programs, gained valuable knowledge through a robust work history or showcased their proficiency through standardized exams.


Do you qualify for credit for prior learning?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, it’s time to contact our concierge service.

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  • Do you have strong work experience?
  • Are you a veteran or an active military service member?
  • Did you receive formal training or professional certifications?
  • Did you leave college to work in your desired field? 
  • Do you want to finish the degree that you started? 

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We’ll help you navigate your own unique pathway toward earning your degree. 

Because at UA, passion meets possibility.


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