Lily Coss

Hometown | Howland, Ohio
Major | Mechanical Engineering
Company | Gerber
Location | Fremont, Michigan
Position | Process Intern

Lily Coss, a College of Engineering student at UA

Lily Coss, mechanical engineering student at The University of Akron.

What are your general co-op duties?

As a Process Engineering Intern at Gerber, I am learning about food processing and manufacturing where I work to find solutions to technical problems that arise regarding effective product flow, safety, and quality.

What surprises/unexpected outcomes have your experienced on co-op?

As this is my first co-op experience, I was surprised to see how engineering, operations, safety, and many other departments work together to accomplish tasks and goals. It is certainly a collaborative effort!

What has been the coolest part of your co-op experience?

The coolest part of my co-op experience is making the connection between the classroom and the work that I am doing and being able to see my work implemented at the factory.

How will your co-op influence your career?

Based on my co-op experience, I have found that I enjoy and have further interests in manufacturing and would love the opportunity to work in this industry more in the future!

What have you learned as a co-op that you wouldn't have learned from your coursework?

I learned that colleagues from many different areas of expertise communicate with each other and work together to solve problems and accomplish tasks.