Company | Lumitex, Inc.
Location | Strongsville, Ohio
Position | Engineering Co-op

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am in my third year of chemical engineering and will graduate May 2021. I am on the NASA Robotics Mining Team, Eureka Honors Engineering Club, 3D4E 3D Printing Club, and Society of Women Engineers. I also enjoy knitting and crocheting for my friends and family.

Ashley Knight, a College of Engineering student at UA

Ashley Knight, chemical engineering undergrad at The University of Akron.

Why did you choose to participate in the co-op program?

It is a great opportunity to get work experience and see how your classes apply to the real world.

Is this your first co-op?

This is my second co-op. My first co-op was also with Lumitex.

How did you secure your co-op position?

I found out about Lumitex through The University of Akron’s Career Fair and secured a position after interviewing.

What have you been doing at your co-op?

I updated our quality management system’s procedures. I also tested the pull off force of a product after it had been preformed (dipped in hot water to keep its shape) and analyzed the data to determine there was no effect on the product’s adhesive after preforming.

What have you learned?

I have learned how to write technical documents such as quality procedures and work instructions, how to conduct engineering tests and analyze the resulting data, and how to manage projects. I’ve also learned how to use company equipment and programs such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

What impact will your co-op have on your classes?

I am excited to take classes that I know will apply to my co-op. I also feel refreshed and better able to focus on my classes with the alternating semesters of co-op and classes.

How do you anticipate your co-op will help you get a job?

My co-op will give me a competitive advantage when looking for a job, as well as allow me to prove myself to hiring managers at Lumitex and should there be a permanent opportunity when I graduate.

What is the best part of your co-op?

It is hard to pick just one! Working with a team and learning skills that will benefit my career are great aspects of my job.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I enjoy the co-op program and would recommend it to anyone in engineering. I’ve made friends through my co-op and learned more about myself and my interests than I ever imagined.