Hometown | North Royalton, OH
Major | Chemical Engineer
Company | Owens and Minor
Position | Engineering Intern

Isabelle Moryan, a College of Engineering student at UA

Isabelle Moryan, chemical engineering student at The University of Akron.

Tell us about your current co-op.

I am on co-op at Owens and Minor in Virginia, near Williamsburg. Owens and Minor creates custom medical equipment kits for surgeries and procedures. My job is to work closely with the quality engineering team and work on continuous improvement projects. I also spend a lot of time working with the warehouse workers to learn their process and how I can improve it. I have spent time with each of the engineers on the team to learn a different side of the company to gather a better understanding what it truly means to be an engineer here.

Why did you choose to participate in the co-op program?

I wanted to get a head start on my career and explore the different types of working environments out there for engineers. Taking an extra year in my studies was a small price to pay to get the chance to co-op and discover more about myself. I also love getting paid while I am learning! This helps me save money and prepare for life after college.

What unique or exciting projects have you worked on?

My main project has been developing a new way to reduce the use of cardboard in the warehouse. I have successfully mapped out how to reduce the cardboard in the warehouse by an average of 60% to free up space for other items and equipment.

I have been working closely with the boxers on streamlining the process to package medical supplies. Boxers are warehouse worker who specialize in boxing the medical kits to be shipped to the hospitals.

What is the coolest part of your co-op?

The coolest part is working closely with medical equipment that you only see in hospital settings. It brings a new perspective to the medical world and what really goes into surgical kits.

What advice do you have for the co-op search process?

Be proactive in your search and apply often. It’s very easy to get discouraged by rejection emails but you will eventually find the right company and fit for you.