Wainwright is state's top history professor


The University of Akron

Dr. A. Martin Wainwright

Professor of History A. Martin Wainwright has been presented with the 2012 Distinguished Teaching Award from the Ohio Academy of History.

Open to all professors of history in Ohio, the prize is the most prestigious college history teaching award given in the state.

In making the award, the prize committee noted Wainwright's "sterling and well-deserved reputation as a teacher among both faculty and students," and "his dedication, his interest in his students, his attentiveness to their needs . . . and his commitment to helping his students understand the broader world, especially the world beyond the borders of the United States."

Wainwright, who has been at Akron since 1989 and currently serves as director of the World Civilizations Program, teaches two courses on global history: the Empires of the Ancient World, and Encounters and Conflicts (which focuses on the modern world), as well as other courses on Great Britain, India, and the British Empire.

He also has created a course on computer games as tools for understanding history.

"In every course," the award citation concluded, "Professor Wainwright emphasizes interactions among civilizations and cultures, and the need to understand history not simply as a record of the past, but as an ongoing debate over the meaning and significance of the past."

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