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Williams Honors College Students

In developing their natural gifts and talents, honors students also are encouraged to cultivate their leadership skills. This may be as subtle as active participation in classroom and group projects, or more visible roles, such as participation in Emerging Leaders or Phi Delta Epsilon. 

As a Williams Honors College student, you have access to an academic adviser and are encouraged to participate in a peer mentoring program. You'll also have unique opportunities for such activities as study abroad programs and service opportunities. In addition, students in the Williams Honors College are encouraged to engage in undergraduate research programs both on campus and throughout the world.

Our students are nationally competitive, and our achievements are recognized by graduate fellowships and awards like the Fulbright scholarship.

Honors students from all majors are involved in many aspects of campus life, and each year the WHC chooses ten to be recognized by the Williams Honors College Award of Distinction.

Please see our FAQ for more information.

Honors students

Celebrating anniversary of our Honors College Dr. Dale Mugler, the Williams Honors College inaugural dean

While The University of Akron has been celebrating its sesquicentennial, UA has also been celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Honors Program and the 15th anniversary of our Honors College.

We spoke with Dr. Dale Mugler, who spearheaded the transformation of the Honors Program into the Honors College and was our inaugural dean.


Each honors student is assigned an Honors Faculty Advisor, who is a faculty member specializing in the honors student's major field of study.

For advising questions, please contact Laura Zinke
 Email Ms. Zinke

Service Opportunities

Service opportunities allow you to give back to the community while gaining valuable experience in (or out of) your field.

Study Abroad

International experience and global awareness enhance your academic background and your worldview. Studying abroad is an excellent way to develop academic and professional skills that will enable you to gain a competitive edge in today's job market.

Undergraduate Research

Research creates new knowledge and students in the Williams Honors College have unique opportunities to pursue undergraduate research both here at the University of Akron and through nationwide programs.

Awards and Fellowships

Do you dream of earning a Fulbright Grant? A summer research scholarship? How about a cultural criticism award?

As a student in the Williams Honors College, you will be encouraged to apply for exceptional grants and scholarships that allow you to advance your research or study at prestigious universities both at home and abroad. Here are just some of the awards you can apply for as an Honors College student.

Award Competitions


Undergraduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

For more information, contact Dr. Karl Kaltenthaler, Williams Honors College Research Fello.