Tidal Pool by Ashley Strub

Opened May 7, 2024. On display now through September 7, 2024.

Lynn Rodeman Metzger Galleries

In Tidal Pool, painter Ashley Strub is prompted by the nature of reality and the steady facets of interiors, space, and landscapes to generate paintings that reflect on contingency and the rhythm of simplicity. These paintings consist of the contradicting themes of comfort and unknowing, home and the intangible, past and future. Strub uses substrates of varying states of transparency and various conventional materials to attest to the metaphysical aspects of existence and certainty. Geometry, architecture and light in her work references home – whatever that could possibly mean – for the spaces we eke out our existence in carry a sacred and intimate essence that is deeply rooted in the depths of our being.

About Ashley Strub Ashley Strub headshot

Ashley Strub is a painter and an Akron native who makes paintings built on the metaphysical character of home, existence, and painting itself. She has received several accolades for her work and exhibited across Northeast Ohio during her undergraduate degree in Painting and Drawing. Strub plans on pursuing a Masters degree in painting after graduation from The University of Akron.

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